Rehoboth Water Well Geo-Mapping Committee Report

Katie E. Eyer and Jack (John F) Hermance
Rehoboth Well Data

Mission Statement of the Rehoboth Water Well Geo-Mapping Committee


Because groundwater wells provide drinking water for all residents of the Town of Rehoboth, it is imperative to understand the nature and distribution of this essential resource. In particular, the town boards and commissions, along with its residents, need to develop a deeper understanding of subsurface conditions related to water supply. For this purpose, the Board of Selectmen has approved the formation of the Rehoboth Water Well Geo-Mapping Committee to perform a pilot study to explore and summarize the information currently available. At present, the best source of information is well drillers’ reports, which summarize key information on depth of the water table, thickness of overburden, total depth drilled and the expected productivity (or flow rate) of wells. The initial focus will be on merging well drillers’ notes from three sources: 1) the MassDEP, 2) the Rehoboth Board of Health, among other town offices, and 3) the 2016-2017 collaborative study between the Town and Roger Williams University. The immediate objective is to properly locate water wells by street address and to construct selected profiles and 2-D maps of the water table, depth to bedrock and related features. Information will be compiled from all sources, with past drillers’ reports being assessed for scope and reliability. The product will be a report that summarizes present knowledge drawn from these drillers’ notes, assesses the time and difficulties related to generating and assimilating these data, and makes recommendations on future information needed from water wells that are essential for plans to sustain this valuable resource.

Katie E. Eyer, Co-Chairman        &           Jack (John F) Hermance, Co-Chairman
April 8, 2018                                                         April 8, 2018
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Water Well Pilot Study:  Rehoboth, MA
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