Real Estate Transfer Inspections

Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 148 section 26F mandates that upon the sale or transfer of homes the seller must install approved smoke detectors. Chapter 148 section 26 ½ also mandates the installation of carbon monoxide detectors.

  • It is imperative that you schedule your inspection a minimum of two weeks and as early as one month before your closing date. Inspections are done by appointment only one morning per week.
  • Non-compliant, inoperable, broken, and illegal devices will not pass. Having the wrong or inoperable devices will result in the failure of the inspection.
  • Devices must be placed in the proper locations and fall within the area requirements for the home. Devices in the wrong locations will need to be moved.
  • A local ordinance requires the house is adequately numbered at the street and the numbering be readable.
  • The $35 dollar fee can only be accepted by checks made out to “Town of Rehoboth.” Cash will not be accepted.

You should also know that your realtor is responsible for the preparation and proper compliance for the inspection. We are seeing numerous cases where that responsibility is being passed on to the seller. As part of the fee your realtor collects on the sale of your home, it is their legal obligation to guide you through compliance of this inspection.

There are several different requirements based on the home. The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services has an excellent guide on their website that you can view by clicking here.