Cemetery #2 Bliss Burial Ground

The Bliss Burial Ground is located on Agricultural Avenue. It is just north of an old Bliss homestead on top of a small hill that could prevent passersby from seeing it. The Historical Cemetery Sign is about the only clue to its presence. It is presently affixed to the trunk of a pine tree on the road. The branches of the Pine and the dark resin from the tree can make it hard to see. The above picture was taken in January of 2008.

The following persons are interred in the Bliss Burial Ground. It may not be a complete list.

Surname        Name                 Birth              Death                    Comment

Lord       Mary K                       1813c         5 Nov 1838          w/o Jason

Lord       William K                                      23 Sep 1830        s/o Jason P and Mary K

Lord       Jason K                     1836c         20 Aug 1837        s/o Jason P and Mary K

Pierce(?) Huldah                     1764c           1 Sep 1856           w/o Joseph

Tripp (Bliss)Huldah B               1804c          12 Mar 1891        w/o Abel;d/o Abel & Lucy

Bliss       Sally                       4 Mar 1797      1 Mar 1875         

Bliss (Carpenter)Lucy              1769c            3 May 1835         w/o Abel

Bliss       Lucy                           1?12c           16 Mar 1?00       

Bliss       Abel                            1763c           2 Nov 1852          h/o Lucy Carpenter