Why A New Town Hall & Municipal Complex?

Document from 2017
  • Over Crowding of Personnel, Files, and Storage Areas
  • Safety Issues – Asbestos, Contaminated Water, Mold, Odorous Gasses, Aging Facility is Irremediable
  • Dangerous for Employees Working Late
  • Building and Fire Code Improvements
  • More Costly to Repair Current Facility than to Build New
  • Not Easily Accessible to All Residents
  • All Town Offices in One Building!!! No longer do residents find themselves going to Town Hall for building permits and having to drive back to the Building Inspector’s office. One stop shopping for all the resident’s needs.
  • Not Centrally Located – Current building is 4.5 miles from the intersection of Route 44 and 118 (center of town); proposed building is .2 miles from center of town.