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(Permits Issued after 9/18/2019 are available online; please contact the Building Department for those issued prior)



For your convenience, effective December 1, 2019 the Town of Rehoboth has adopted online permitting for the submittal of applications for residential and commercial building pemits, sheet metal permits, plumbing & gas permits, electrical permits, and sign permits.

If you DO NOT OWN a computer or if you need assistance using a computer, both are available. Computer station terminals are located in the reception lobby of the Building Department. Assistance can be obtained in the office or by contacting the Building Department at (508) 252-3335 during normal business hours; Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:00, Friday 8:00-12:00.

  • Applicants will no longer have to obtain signatures from other departments when submitting a permit application, HOWEVER, should plans require review by the Town of Rehoboth Fire Department, Health Department, Planning Department, Conservation Commission or Highway Department and cannot be uploaded with the online application, THEY MUST physically be brought to the Building Department, who will distribute said plans to those applicable departments. YOU MUST SUBMIT ONE SET OF PLANS NO LARGER THAN 11x17.
  • Applicants will have the option of either paying for their permit(s) online with Master Card, Discover or Debit card from a checking account or a Check.

APPLICANTS WHO REGISTER: (This takes less than 5 minutes) will benefit by the following:

  • Much of the information will auto-fill on the permit application after your original registration.
  • Have an ability to view the status of their application and comments from other departments including whether additional information is required.
  • Edit an application before the permit is issued.
  • Add attachments Paper must be no LARGER THAN 11X17 (Plans, pictures, specs license(s), certificates of insurance, etc.) to the application.
  • The capability of “Chatting” online directly with the Building Department staff.
  • Pay for the permit online
  • View inspection(s) results.

Fee Schedules: Click Fee schedules to access a drop down menu listing Building, Electrical and Plumbing & Gas Inspector. Select a trade and the fee schedule for that trade and the fee schedule for that trade will appear.


Construction or work, for which a permit is required, shall be subject to inspection by the Building Official and such construction or work shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purpose until approved. Approval as a result of an inspection shall not be construed to be an approval of a violation of the provisions of this code or of other ordinances of the jurisdiction. Inspections presuming to give authority to violate or cancel the provisions of this coded or of other ordinances of the jurisdiction shall be liable for expense entailed in the removal or replacement of any material required to allow inspection.

Preliminary Inspection:

Before issuing a permit, the Building Official is authorized to examine all buildings, structures and sites for which an application has been filed.