Board of Health

Board of Health

There are five members appointed to staggered three year terms. They are responsible for formulating and enforcing regulations affecting our environment and actions affecting our health. Among their duties is the control of the spread of infectious diseases dangerous to the public health. They have power to isolate and quarantine sick and infected persons. They must report immediately to the state Department of Public Health and also report all deaths from such diseases. The Board of Health also makes reasonable health regulations on the following:

  1. Communicable disease control
  2. Milk production and distribution
  3. Regulation of persons and premises for sale, dispensing or distribution of foodstuffs
  4. Eating and drinking establishments
  5. Standards of fitness for human habitation
  6. Nuisance
  7. Septic systems
  8. Keeping of livestock

Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse works in the Health Department, under the direction of the Board of Health. The primary role of the nurse is to provide infectious disease surveillance and reporting to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Other services include patient education, blood pressure screening, and vaccine administration.

Board Members

Name Title
Rachel Smith Vice Chair
Katherine Knight Clerk
Tony Gaucher Member
George W. Kellum IV Member