Fire Department Warning on Kerosene Heaters

No Heaters
The Fire Department has received word that some people are discussing the use of Kerosene heaters should they lose power to prevent pipes from freezing in their basements on social media. The use of kerosene heaters indoors in Massachusetts is not only illegal it is dangerous due to the large quantities of carbon monoxide they emit.
Mass General Laws Section 25B:
Section 25B. No person shall use, allow to be used, sell or offer for sale any unvented liquid fired space heater. As used in this section, ''space heater'' includes portable space heater, parlor heater, cabinet heater, room heater and any similar heater having a barometric fed fuel control and its fuel supply tank located less than forty-two inches from the center of the burner and means the type of heating appliance adapted for burning kerosene, range oil or number one fuel oil and used principally for the heating of the space in and adjacent to that in which such appliance is located. Whoever violates any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars.
In other words only properly vented fuel burners with separate supply tanks are legal and must be installed by a licensed technician who has pulled a permit.
Please be safe! Your life and the lives of your families is not worth the cost of repairing a frozen pipe!
Frank T. Barresi
Fire Chief
Rehoboth Fire Department